Lectures and Workshops


A Conversation with Alana: One Boy’s Multicultural Rite of Passage — A mesmerizing, thought-provoking 65-minute one-person autobiographical play about growing up of mixed parentage in racially-segregated, religiously-divided early post-World-War-II Kansas City, Missouri.

“Dora the Explorer” and “Go, Diego, Go!”: Anatomy of a Modern Social Phenomenon — An insider’s look at the fascinating story and surprising complexities of these two popular pre-school television shows, presented by their Creative/Cultural Advisor.

The New Multiculturalism — An inconoclastic examination of the sometimes hackneyed topic of multiculturalism, filled with unexpected angles and thought-provoking insights.

How the Media Teach about Diversity — An entertaining, informative, and eye-opening trip through the mass media’s informal, unofficial multicultural curriculum, drawn from decades of research for his popular book, “The Children Are Watching: How the Media Teach about Diversity.”

Rose Hill: An Intermarriage before Its Time –- Selections from his riveting memoir of cross-cultural conflict and societal border crossing.

English Language Learners and the American Future: A Nation Left Behind? — An honest, incisive look at the often-unrecognized educational dimensions necessary for helping these young people become fully participating members of U.S. society.

The Changing Face of America — A futuristic look at the opportunities and challenges raised by different types of diversity in the United States, including their relationship with often-overlooked global continuities and changes.


My Time Is Not Your Time: Perception and Misperception WhenCultures Collide

Learning To Be Lucky: Seven Ways to Control the Fates…Before They Control You

How to Succeed in Consulting Without Really Trying…At Least Not Too Hard

Reaching Across: Mentoring in a Multicultural Society

You and Your Autobiography: The Joy of Taking a Personal Journey through Your Past

The Many Masks of Multiculturalism


Latinos and the American Future 

Multicultural Curricular Integration

Ethical Dilemmas of a Diverse Society

Rethinking Privilege: Anatomy of a Complex Social Process

Leadership in a Multicultural Society

The Development of Mixed-Race Identity

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  • On Saturday, October 3, 2015, I will be giving the banquet address at the national conference of the National Association for Multicultural Education.

2 comments on “Lectures and Workshops

  1. When where is Changing Face of America presentation-my son is a PhD Soc at Harvard and wants to join me during summer break in Southern California-thanks

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