Rose Hill

Rose Hill: An Intermarriage before Its Time (Berkeley, California: Heyday, 2012)

A memoir of intercultural cross-fire and societal border-crossing.

“Dad was a Mexican Catholic. Mom was a Kansas City-born Jew with Eastern European immigrant parents. They fell in love in Berkeley, California, and got married in Kansas City, Missouri.

That alone would not have been a big deal. But it happened in 1933, when such marriages were rare. And my parents spent most of their lives in Kansas City, a place both racially segregated and religiously divided.

Mom and Dad chose to be way ahead of their time; I didn’t. But because of them, I had to be. My mixed background meant that, however unwillingly, I had to learn to live as an outsider.”

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Reading from Chapter one of Rose Hill.

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    • Hi, Ed. Hope all is going well with you. Guillermo Ortega was just in my office. He’s here for a few weeks before heading back to U. of Houston. We created a new video that is now posted under Books on my website, showing me reading “Memories,” which appeared in my new book of poetry, “Fourth Quarter: Reflections of a Cranky Old Man.”

      Until soon,


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